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We at provide one of the best IVR systems in India, We are among the top IVR service providers in the country with all products being passed through stringent quality checks by our department and from the government. Our IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is very useful for small, medium & large businesses to automate their customer response service. IVR service is beneficial to business owners who have to respond to a large number of customers with their different type of queries. IVR system comes very handy for accepting leads for the business, solving service related issues and addressing customer grievances through proper mechanism, a perfect Voice Response System is very useful for handling all the issues relating to customer service. 


Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is basically meant to automate service related queries, an IVR is an recorded voice which helps customers to get information as per the recorded data. Our IVR solutions are one of the best in the market. Nowadays businesses are going automated and are decreasing the gap between them and customers, so IVR technology comes very handy to increase the response time for customer related queries. With increase in competition businesses are adopting all available technology to improve their services, IVR technology provides a perfect pre-recorded voice response system that can very efficiently read any input or voice instruction provided to it and can guide users accordingly as per the pre-defined data. IVR system is very beneficial for small business owners as it helps them to track quality leads and decreases the direct response time. The main benefit of having an automated interactive voice response system is that it can handle any volume of inbound customer calls and provides the same efficient service to all.  


IVR solutions are very useful for wide range of small scale to large scale businesses and industries. The whole meaning of IVR is to simplify all the categories into different divisions so that when a customer calls he receives the exact information which he wants. Benefits of IVR are for long term for example a bank may have an IVR system installed and provide all the details to check like account balance, no of transactions etc. the whole purpose or benefit of having an automated voice response system (IVR) is it provides ease and comfort to both businesses and customers for interacting with each other. For businesses having Traditional customer service call centers have to deal with a large number of human resource and tracking quality of customer response takes a lot of effort manually and many calls get unanswered due to high volume of calls on normal or special occasions customer experiences a very bad feeling about the services of a the company. There are many IVR solution providers in the market so providing a genuine product with best user experience requires a trusted name in the market. Tringer is an established brand in the market trusted by wide number of dealers & distributers across the country. The quality of our products at Tringer has proved the mettle of customer satisfaction. We at Tringer provide 3  types of IVR products. All of these products are very useful for the whole process of automated interactive voice response system.


Meeting & Corporate Office : Office No.115 , Neo Square 1st Floor, Pandit Nehru Marg, Near Income Tax Office, Indradeep Society, Jamnagar - 361008, Gujarat.​

Research & Development Department : Tringer hinjewadi phase 1 rajiv gandhi infotech park 411057 Pune, Maharashtra ​ Email:


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